Monday, February 4, 2008

Shoveling Snow!

If there is anything that I truly dislike, it is shoveling snow. However, it was either I do the shoveling or the snow turns to ice before Jake has a chance to do it. Um, no. So I was out in my driveway shoveling about 15 inches and adding it to the already large piles on either side. Thankfully, my kind neighbor came and helped me after he had finished his driveway. Even with both of us working, it took about an hour and a half just to shovel the driveway and our walkway up to our door. I'm not even considering shoveling the backyard because, well, you'll see.



A nieghbor's snow piles! Our's weren't that high!

The abominable snowman! Not really, it's our barbeque!

The snow is piled so high in our backyard! This snow is about 4 feet deep! Crazy!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Time for an update!

Well it's been too long since I posted on our blog. It has been a crazy month. My grandma Browning passed away Dec. 30th 2007 so I made a quick trip out to CA at the beginning of January for her funeral. She was an amazing woman and I am glad she was my grandmother.

At the gravesite of Lila Jean Browning.

Sean has been growning like crazy! It's hard to believe that he is 9 1/2 months old. He is still not quite crawling, but I'm not too worried. He is growning out of 12 month clothes already so he is developing. This picture shows what a happy baby he is. He is such an easy baby. He has had a rough time the last few nights due to teething. He has 3 teeth coming in at once! So he now has 6 teeth! He has the cutest smile too. He scrunches up his nose when he smiles and gets all excited!
Here is Kurtis hamming it up! He continues to be a great big brother. He is so funny! Shortly after President Hinckley passed away, we were having a prayer and Jake was helping Kurtis say it. He told Kurtis to say, "Bless the apostles with inspiration." Kurtis said, "Bless the apostles with experation." He tries to use big words and usually uses them incorrectly which is hilarious! Our boys are so fun!