Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here is our fun movie-going group! From left to right is: Carrie Meredith, Me, Brieanne Martin, Rebecca McCaleb and Tiana Williams. We went to the 10:20 showing last night and we had to wait in line for an hour outside in 40 degree weather! Yeah it was cold! But luckily we got great seats in the theatre so it was worth it!

Rebecca was wearing the cutest jean jacket! The picture doesn't do it justice! When I commented on her jacket, she just laughed and said she had a great story about it. The story was too funny not to share. So Rebecca went to a garage sale and was looking at buying a couple of bikes for her boys. She then saw this cute jacket. She asked the guy about it and he said it belonged to his 14 year-old daughter. The girl said that she would sell it to Rebecca for a buck! So, of course, Rebecca bought it. She brought the jacket home and noticed that it smelled funny so she decided to wash it. After washing it, she took another whiff to be sure the smell was gone. Then she realized that it still smelled and the smell was marajuana. The smell was coming from one of the pockets and Rebecca reached in the pocket and when she pulled her hand out, she had a hand full of marajuana leaves! So she got a REALLY good deal on the jacket! Ha Ha! We were telling her whenever she is having a stressful day all she has to do is sniff that jacket to mellow out!

I love my friends! They are so much fun! We talked and laughed the whole time we were waiting. It was a great Girls Night Out!

I give it 3 1/2 stars!

I went to go see Twilight last night with some friends. I was satisfied and disappointed at the same time. I was actually surprised about how much I liked who they chose to play certain characters. With the exception of Eric. Hello? He was WAY too pretty! He's supposed to be some chess geek with acne, not some good looking kid who is head of the school newspaper! Also Bella was just a little too sure of herself and composed in places where she should have been falling apart. Other than that I liked all the characters. There were some really good scenes too. For example, when Edward and Bella have their first kiss. If that doesn't get your heart going then check your pulse! It made me want to go home and make out with my husband like that! I also thought the first time you see the Cullens in the movie was more dramatic than the book.
I was disappointed how they over developed the threat of other vampires in the area and did not develop the characters themselves and their relationships with each other, like the friendship between Bella and Alice. I am trying not to give things away, but I was very disappointed at the lack of character development. They tried to cram everything in toward the end so it felt rushed and was not as suspenseful as the book was. You will miss a lot if you have not read the book before going to see this movie.
Would I recommend this movie? Yes, but only if you've read the book because there will be too much that you won't understand. Would I go see it again? Yes, because let's face it, Robert Pattinson is HOT in this movie! Will I buy the DVD when it comes out? Yes, because I won't be able to help myself.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm a bad person!

I was going through previous posts and realized that I never posted pictures of Jake's surprise birthday party. He was totally surprised and believe me, it was hard to keep it a secret. I could NEVER have pulled it off without Lynne and Alli's help! I know I said it before, but thank you again! Jake was so surprised!

Melinda, Erin, Rachel and Me

Whoa! Blurry picture of Jake! 29 candles! Someone call the fire dept!

Visiting and eating cake.


Having fun in the spa!
Thank you to everyone that came! Jake had such a great time and I know it was because he got to see so many of our friends and family that we have missed so much!

2 new recipes!

I know, it is unbelievable that I would post 2 new recipes, but I have. So check it out!

The Deer Farm

Petting the goat.

Kurtis feeding the deer.

Sean feeding the deer.

Kurtis and mom in front of the camel. Thank goodness he didn't spit at us!

Yesterday, Jacob finally had a few hours off work. Yes, I did say hours. He hasn't had a full day off for the past 3 weeks! Insane, and it's not going to get any better until he leaves to go to CA on Wed. the 26th. So we took those few hours and went to the Deer Farm in Williams, AZ. We fed the deer, saw goats, buffalo, camels, peacocks and a bunch of other animals. The boys had a great time. Sean loved walking around and looking at all the animals and petting them. And according to Kurtis, yesterday was, "The best day of my life!" So it was a good day!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


So some of you know that I have been taking Reliv nutritional products for my MS. I have had great success using these products and most days I am symptom free. Today Reliv just announced a new product that has gone through numberous clinical trials to make sure it does what they say it does. The new product is called glucaffect. It has been proven to help those with diabetes, insulin resistence, metabolic syndrome and obesity! During the clinical trials those given Glucaffect saw a reduction in blood glucose levels by up to 30% after only 8 weeks! Users also saw significant wieght loss, up to 15 pounds lost in 8 weeks! Can we say "Whoa!"? I am so excited about this product! If any of you would like more information for you or a loved one about this product or about Reliv in general, leave your comments and I will get back with you as soon as I can!
PS. Don't be surprised if I call to tell you about it! This is so amazing that everyone needs to hear about it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Kurtis was Raphael this year!

Sean was the cutest monkey! He really is a monkey, so mischeveous and he climbs anything and everything! He looks so cute!

This Halloween I was the scariest thing I could think of. I was an NAU student! AHHHHHHHH! No really, in all seriousness I loved going to school, but it was so stressful that I am not anxious to return. However, my voice teacher is trying to talk me into doing my Masters. I know I want to, but not now.

Start Commenting Already!!!!!

I know I don't post on my blog very often anymore and the reason is simple. I hardly ever get comments, so that makes me think that no one is reading the blog. So, for those of you who bug me about posting more on my blog, why don't you show me you are reading it and I'll be happy to post more! Okay, I just had to get that off my chest. I'm better now! :)

Okay, I'm pathetic!

So I finally relented and read the Twilight books. Oh my GOSH! So good! I read them all in about 5 days. I am now waiting on the edge of my seat for the first movie to come out. Although I already know that I won't like it as much as the book. There is something about reading, for me, that takes me to another place. I can see and feel what is happening and a movie just cannot, for time constraints, include the kind of detail that I see in my mind. That being said, I will go see it anyway, and when it comes out on DVD I'll buy it because I have become addicted. So, it's official, I'm pathetic.