Friday, November 19, 2010

A grateful heart!

I am writing this post in the hopes that I will stop focusing on all that is wrong in my life and realize that I am so blessed.  It takes a consious effort!  So here goes!

#1 We went through a tornado that damaged one of the windows in our home that needed to be replaced and because of the broken glass our carpet had to be ripped out.  Blessing:  We have hated our carpet and have been wanting to replace it and now we can do it for free.  We were able to replace the carpet in our dining area with beautiful ceramic tile thanks to Jake and his brothers.  They did the install and it turned out awesome!

#2 My growing baby has a single umbilical artery.  It can cause developmental problems.  Blessing:  Lord has blessed this baby to be growing the way he should so far.  I am grateful he is healthy so far.

#3 We needed a bigger car and refuse to have a payment(thank you Dave Ramsey).  Blessing:  We found a minivan with 88,000 miles on it that might work.  So we tried to sell our Sorento.  We placed an ad and it sold in 24 hours for $5500.  Exactly what we had been hoping for.  We went to the dealership with the minivan we were considering and offered $5000 total all taxes/fees for the van.  They countered with $5610, I countered with $5500 and they accepted!  New car with tons of room, no car payment!

#4  As of Monday the 22nd we will have spent over $2000 repairing our vehicles.  Blessing: Because we have been doing the Dave Ramsey Total Money Make Over, we have had the cash to pay for those repairs.

#5  Three days after we bought our van the check engine light went on!  Blessing:  It is under warranty still so we can take it in to find out what is wrong and, hopefully, get it fixed for free.

Additional blessings in my life are many, but I will name a few.  I have a good job that allows me to be very flexible with my schedule.  My MS is under control right now.  I have 2 beautiful boys that I adore and that give me so much love in return.  I have a husband who gives so much to me and who loves me despite all my faults.  He is always looking for ways to serve me and make me feel loved and valued.  He is the perfect eternal companion for me.  I have the best brothers, sisters, in-laws, parents(step and natural), step-siblings(although I think of them as my real siblings), nephews, nieces, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents and friends!  I am so blessed with so many wonderful people in my life!  Great, now I'm crying!  Well what do you expect from a hormonal pregnant woman?! 

I think my grateful heart grew a few sizes today!  What are you grateful for?