Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake!

Jake's birthday was Sunday July 10th and he turned 32!  Holy cow we are getting old.  At least according to our children we are!  So honey here are 32 reasons why I love you!  Happy Birthday!

1. You make me laugh(even when I don't want to).
2.  After 10 years of marriage you are more good lookin than when we first met.
3.  You are a great father!
4.  You know what I need and when I need it!
5.  You work really hard at your job to provide for your family.
6.  You have a strong testimony.
7.  You support me in all my decisions(even the not so good ones).
8.  You make me feel beautiful.
9.  You gave me 3 beautiful boys!
10.  You know when my MS is acting up and you pick up my slack.
11.  You love your calling(and you do it well).
12.  You make time to take me on dates.
13.  You give me massages!
14.  You watch chick flicks with me.
15.  You think I'm so talented(I so have you fooled!).
16.  When you come home from work, you ask me what you can do to help me.
17.  You think it's cute when I cry(which is A LOT).
18.  When we were first engaged and my mom didn't like you so much, you went out of your way to serve her and you won her over!
19.  You married me for time and all eternity.
20.  You eat ice cream with me(even when I shouldn't have it).
21.  You clean and do laundry without being asked.
22.  You take all 3 kids and go places with them.
23.  You put God and family first in your life.
24.  You know when to say "I'm sorry."(I'm still working on that one.)
25.  You let me be right(even when I'm wrong).
26.  I love the way you laugh.
27.  I love the way you do your little scream.
28.  You torture our children, because you can.
29.  You are a mean parent too!
30.  You call me just to say hi and see how my day is going.
31.  You don't mind when I go out with my girlfriends.
32.  You love me more than I could have ever imagined.

Babe, we've been married for 10 1/2 years and they have been the best and hardest years of my life.  I am so glad the Lord gave me you to have for eternity!  Here's to the next 10 1/2 years and many more after that!  I love you!